Saranda, is a coastal town in Albania. The city is known for its blue deep waters of the Mediterranean. Near Sarandë are the remains of the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In recent years, Saranda has seen a steady increase in tourists. Visitors are attracted by the natural environment of Saranda and its archaeological sites. It’s a prosperous region with varied attractions, plants and mountains, rivers and lakes, springs and virgin beaches, citrus plantations, olive groves and vineyards, pastures and woods, fish and shellfish farming, desirable hunting places. In short, the right place for the development of tourism. Saranda’s stony beaches are quite decent and there are plenty of sights in and around town, including the mesmerising ancient archaeological site of Butrint and the hypnotic Blue Eye Spring. Between Saranda and Butrint, the lovely beaches and islands of Ksamil are perfect for a dip after a day of exploring.In this city Is Lekursi Castle.This castle belongs to 1537 area of Sulltan Sulejman.The castle lies between the ruins of Lekursi village.This castle has served for sea observation moreover this castle has long walls and thick walls.